How AI can help you boost your wordpress site? – Part II

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AI AND WordPress

Some are of the opinion that AI is gradually replacing all jobs, but others are of the opinion that AI can be integrated into the general workforce as a complementary assistant. Regardless of people’s reactions and opinions, it is quite obvious that AI is here to stay as evident in technologies that we now see daily: self-starting cars, Amazon Alexaecho dot system, etc. The use of AI is evident in the website industry as seen in themes and different plugins. The AI WordPress plug-ins are extremely helpful for creation of content and also increase the speed of the process of web designs that are before seen as herculean tasks.

Therefore, these are ways AI can help boost your WordPress sites:

  • Removal of Spam Comments

Webmasters and bloggers on WordPress and other blogging sites are often bombarded with spam comments which have to be removed manually. This wastes precious time that could be used for creating content. But with the advent of AI in WordPress, these spam comments are deleted automatically by the AI. Spam comments slow down your site and this might lead to the unpleasant user experience on the site. All these are being eliminated with the AI on your WordPress site.

  • Perception and Analysis of Readers’ Emotions

There are WordPress plug-ins that allow you to have an analyzed perception of readers’ emotions. What good is this for your site? It will help you to know the taste of your readers and tailor your subsequent contents to suit the emotional needs of your readers.

This will not only make you have a good content also but boost your WordPress site by enhancing your search engine rankings and ensuring you to have a good social promotion.

  • Automated Translation

Another way that AI can help boosts your WordPress site is by including an automated translation based on users’ preference. This is multilingual plugins that are installed and worked in conjunction with Google Language Translator. This AI learns first-hand about the user and notes the users’ preferences before suggesting to them translation of the webpage in a convenient language for them. This improves the user experience on your WordPress site and in turn, boosts your SEO rankings.

  • Enhanced SEO

With the aid of AI on your WordPress sites, you stand a chance to improve and enhance your SEO. This is possible by the analytical nature of the AI and also a suggestion of better semantics for upmost optimization. Enhanced SEO with a good content will take your search engine rankings to the peak making you a favorite amongst competitors and a social darling.

  • Related Content

AI is also responsible for the sharing of related contents based on the analysis done extensively. Sharing related contents not only improve your traffic which you most desire but also ensure the WordPress site is user-friendly and easy to navigate, this, in turn, leads to a positive user experience.

Luminate Knowledge Graph

Figure above:A pictorial representation of how the Luminate builds knowledge graph on your WordPress Website.

Luminate is an AI adapted for websites to improve performance to grow relevant traffic and engage with them. Luminate is a product that helps websites get better from their content by annotating and augmenting the comment structured data. This makes the sites visible on a web search. Other benefits include improved chatbots efficiency, appearance on rich snippets and knowledge graph panels, voice search enabled, and more importantly semantic SEO.

Luminate mark entities on your websites using natural language processing and it also allows the user to mark other entities. Luminate does content augmentation by bringing in definition, diagrams, and explanations of the marked entities from sites like Wikipedia or Wiki data.

Luminate increase your website traffic by automatically augmenting structured data for contextually relevant words in your post. This will ensure the content of your website will answer as many user search queries as possible, and this will improve the website’s ranking in Google’s index.

How Does Luminate Work?

The developers (Predictly Tech Labs, Pvt Ltd) strategically categorized the functionalities of Luminate into three major parts, which are the: Schema Tagging, Content Augmentation, and Vocabulary Builder. These three segments have been enriched to capture every website needs to stay at the top of their games in this era of Semantic Search Entity Optimization.

  • Vocabulary Builder: Often times when we write our website content, we get to mention words that have little or no relevance to the visitor. Though sometimes these considered jargons or irrelevant words define what the context of the web-page is all about, so in order to make the context adaptable for the search engines, it is pertinent to go further by adding contents that would explain these irrelevant words, to make search engines and visitors understand them better.

So, what does Luminate do? Luminate instantaneously creates a topical knowledge of the webpage that has the understanding of the overall context of the page, and selects the major keywords and build different pages that contain curated data. It detects these disjointed or irrelevant words, group them into an individual entity and builds an internal vocabulary, which will, in turn, stand as a search query and as a reference to engage your readers.

For example, the statement “Silicon Valley is a tech village in San Francisco, US”, would be grouped into Silicon Valley, tech village, San Francisco and US.

Luminate Vocabulary Builder

Figure above: A pictorial representation of how the Luminate builds vocabulary on your WordPress Website.

  • Content Augmentation: What this basically means is that it helps your visitors and readers to stick to your website. This means that it would reduce the bounce rate duration to the littlest minimum. It would also increase the traffic metrics, for instance, the page duration. Before now, when readers come to your website to read up on an interest when they come across industry jargons or terminologies, they tend to leave the page to look for the meaning first before coming back to the initial page. This results in loss of interest in it happen too often and gradually leads to low site visit and page visit duration.

What does Luminate do to abate this? helps by including explanatory contents in form of annotation, and this is where the augmentation comes. Luminate sources for details on these jargons from Wikipedia or DBpedia, and place them in annotation once you hover over the specific words. For example, if you are reading on future transportation, and you come across Hyperloop, Luminate through annotation gives details on what that means.

The benefits of this are that it increases time spent on the page by exterminating word hunt due to periodical exists. And if you are using this for call-to-action, it pops up a link to be followed.

Luminate Content Augmentation

Figure above: A pictorial representation of how the Luminate does content augmentation on your WordPress Website.

  • Schema Tagging: This works when the contextualization of the webpage is improved for the search engines. There is a throng of contents related to yours but, when you use Luminate, it adds schema tags for entities that influence the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features, which include voice search, enhanced ranking, rich snippets, etc.

How does Luminate do this? Because every webpage consists of many terms and different entity names that compound the context for a human reader, it leads to search engines reading it as a string. Therefore, the search engine has to do an extra work by finding out the context of the content by indexing and comparing it with its own markup data.

Looking at the above process, it is by far time consuming to what Luminate would do. When schema tags are added within the website through Luminate, it signals the Search Engine’s bots that there is an existing context provide, and Search Engine like Google would immediately place your website higher in the SERP by allotting a higher page authority score.

Luminate Schema Tagging

Figure above: A pictorial representation of how the Luminate does schema tagging on your WordPress Website.



As it is now inevitable that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and is now readily available in website industry, a great opportunity to utilize the use of AI as seen in Luminate must not be ignored if you intend to boost your WordPress site.