What is Luminate AI?2019-01-07T12:22:06+00:00

Luminate.ai is a Platform to improve your presence in Web. It is built with AI Technologies. It is easy to deploy and is designed to fit your requirement.

Using Luminate AI is simple and it will enable you to create rich content for your web pages, that will draw lot of readers.

For whom is Luminate AI for?2019-01-04T11:25:45+00:00

Luminate AI is for all content makers such as bloggersjournalists, and marketers who require attention from web readers to view their content.

Luminate AI brings the content creators the technology that web publisher such as Google, Yahoo!, bing, and Facebook were using to push their content.

Luminate AI helps you create richer, more meaningful and engaging content, it optimizes for all search engines and organizes your content creation process and making it available for your people.

How does Luminate AI work?2019-01-07T12:42:45+00:00

Schema markup is microdata which you can use to help Search engines parse and comprehend your website’s information more effectively.

Luminate provides automatic schema markup feature that automatically finds entities in your website and provides the schema tags and rich snippets for these entities. As a result of this, entities can easily be understood by the various search engines or alternative information retrieval systems.

For instance, in a website about Steel rings, Luminate finds the critical words and provides schema.org markup into your website incorporating snippets such as groups performing, event times etc.., This obviously impacts the SERP in a favorable way by improving the exact visibility of the content.  Thus, if the search query is a semantically nearby word to the concept being mentioned in the content — the chances of your page impression in SERP increasing is high.

In conclusion Luminate helps a website to appear higher in the search engine index and raises the click through rate of your website by adding snippets and tags to your websites.

What is Rich Snippets?2019-01-07T12:47:37+00:00

Snippets are the result shown by google to the user in search results. They are generally, the information between URL and the description, it usually contains information such as rating, votes, pictures, etc..,.

Rich snippets are very important for SEO, since it provides overall summary of the information of your content hence, increases the click-through rate, therefore more traffic.

What is structured data?2019-01-07T13:06:08+00:00

Structured data is actually the data that is well-organized and developed by considering the defined schema for set of structure. It provides you a set of pattern or structure to organize your content as expected by search engines. Structured data is marked up so it can be understood more efficiently, especially by search engines. Google identifies and read structured data so that it can display rich snippets in its search results.

What is the difference between rich snippets and structured data?2019-01-04T16:38:09+00:00

Structured Data:

Structured data is actually the data that is well-organized and developed by considering the defined schema for set of structure. It provides you a set of pattern or structure to organize your content as expected by search engines. Structured data is marked up so it can be understood more efficiently, especially by search engines.  Google identifies and read structured data so that it can display rich snippets in its search results.

Rich Snippets:

Rich Snippets are the brief introductions Google screens under search results providing users an overview of your web page. Finding Microdata in your web page makes it effortless for Google to make those Rich Snippets resulting in greater search results. Google will tell the difference between sites, news, events, recipes, places, film reviews, etc..,.

Why Structured Data is Important for your Websites?2019-01-28T12:18:18+00:00

Structure Data is very important for your websites because this is what, Google ranks and can make the rich snippet of content.

Other benefits of using Structured data into websites are:

  • Content Understanding

Now, it is useful to understand the content for Google.

  • Highlighting your Data

The more the structured data you used, the more the Google will highlight in its search result and rank it.

  • Chances of Better CTR

As, your content is highly organized and structured, that’s why it is better to understand the core description of          any link that is asked by users on search engine.

  • Useful for Programmer/Developer

You can easily understand the code, if your data is structured. Now, any other developer can understand the code, because it’s well structured and organized.

How does Luminate AI uses Schema markups that assist in improving website findability?2019-01-07T13:15:48+00:00

Schema Markup plays a vital role in gaining traffic. Adding Schema markup to your HTML improves the way your page exhibits in SERPs by improving the rich snippets which are displayed beneath the page title.

Schema markup also tells the browser search engines exactly what your website contains and has to offer.  This way the search engine knows what your website contains and will display your website about the SERPs if any lookup request with relevance for your website comes up.  In addition, one study found that websites having markups rank a mean of four rankings higher in the SERPs than people without markups.  Retail companies can achieve up to some 30 percent increase in traffic by simply using structured markups.

In conclusion bigger number of rich snippets raise the click through rates raising the overall traffic to your website.

Is there a free trial version?2019-01-04T17:48:22+00:00

Yes, we do have a free version, trail version and paid version of Luminate AI as well.

Free Version: 

  • In free version we can create structured data tag with no limits.
  • But it is manual in nature.


Pro version:

  • In Pro version you can structured data with no limits but schema and content augmentation is limited (200 tags is the limit).
  • The schema and content augmentation is automated and this feature is available only for 30 days in trail version.
  • After 30 days of trail period, you cannot add or edit the schema and augmented content but can delete existing ones.


Paid version:

  • In paid version you have access to all the features such as, structured data, schema and content augmentation.

Please visit our website https://www.luminate.ai/#pricing-section for more insights on paid plans. For more information and for a live demo mail us at info@luminate.ai


Is SEO plugins compatible with Luminate AI?2019-01-07T17:56:02+00:00

Yes. Luminate AI is compatible with all the SEO plugins, it is tested with various SEO plugins, with no conflict.

Luminate AI is also tested on regular basis to find any persisting issues.

If you experience any issues mail us at mailto:info@luminate.ai and we will help you immediately.


Why should I use Luminate AI?2019-01-09T16:22:39+00:00

Organization and proper delivery of data and information are very important for its optimum usage. The proper organization makes the information easily accessible by search engines and humans as well rather than traditional web pages.

Luminate gives Contextual Intelligence to your content and makes it easier for robots to crawl and read the information. It helps in creating Structured DataRich Snippets, and Knowledge Graph.

It helps in optimization of the content in the website, makes your website ready for SEO and adds schema to the text automatically. All these further helps in driving more traffic to your website.

How to install and use Luminate AI?2019-01-04T17:18:19+00:00

There is a step by step instructions along video for both installing and using the free version plugin, please follow the steps in below links,

I reached limit but I want to tag more2019-01-04T18:34:44+00:00

If the limit reached and you want to add additional tags, you must buy an add-on pack to increase the number of tags for tagging.

What happens if you want to discontinue using Luminate AI?2019-01-07T18:48:11+00:00

The data remains in the site, the site owner can delete it but cannot add or edit tags.

The site owner owns the tags and he can delete the existing tag but, cannot edit or add new tags.

If your subscription plan expired, you won’t be able to activate the tags, you must continue your subscription plan to activate or edit the tags.

The existing tags can be removed through the Luminate AI application.

What’s Schema.org?2019-01-07T11:23:26+00:00

Schema.org is now a kind of lingua franca for search engines, a systematic and approved way to describe web pages so that machines can unambiguously know themSchema.org has been an initiative launched by the largest search engine operators like Google, Yahoo!, bing, etc.., to make a common set of strategies for structured data markup on websites.

Later in November 2011 Yandex which is Russia’s biggest search engine combined the initiative. They use schema.org vocabulary together with micro information, RDFa, JSON-LD formats to markup website content with metadata.  A lot of language on schema.org was chiefly inspired by earlier formats such as FOAF, OpenCyc etc.., Schema.org (or simply schema in short) is nothing but a semantic language of tags which you could increase a HTML code to enhance the way search engines read and reflect you web page from search engine results pages.

In other words, once you write articles, this is processable information for your mind.  However, to ensure it is processable also to search engines, you still need structured data. Schema.org is just one possible vocabulary that may be employed to execute structured info on a web page, so consequently unambiguous to search engines.

However, Schema markers is now the very efficient (not the only) way to assimilate structured data to search engines.  In reality, from this 617 vocabularies existing from the Linked Open Vocabularies (LOV),” Schema.org was generally the only predicated on commercial search engines like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yandex.

When you use Schema Markup, you have the capacity to transform a web page in an entity.  That is how you enhance your search engine optimization program and improve the aforementioned key phrases. Nowadays, anybody with a site can create its articles “indexed” within the Semantic Web, beginning from Schema.org

Can schema markup improve SEO?2019-01-07T13:11:33+00:00

Schema is a type of data markup structure that all of the major search engines are trying to weave into their algorithms. By including Schema markup within your website’s coding, you can significantly improve SEO. This happens by generating “rich snippets” that help search engines index your content and enable your site to be found in SERPs.

Listed below are some of the key benefits are implementing Schema markup:

  1. Enhances SEO: When you use Schema markup for categorizing words and phrases in your website’s HTML, it helps the search engine crawlers to understand the content on your pages. This helps your website stand out in the organic search results.
  2. Increases online presence: Schema markup incorporates the use of rich snippets that help increase the online presence in the corresponding SERPs. This helps improve the CTR, thus driving quality traffic to your website.
  3. Boosts local SEO: Structured data markup is an excellent feature to enhance the local business presence in Google My Business. Supporting your local business with the best search engine features can help boost local SEO, thus providing positive benefits, especially increasing the overall business standards.
  4. Creates rich snippets: When your website has Schema markup, Google will show snippets in the search results when content from your website is shown in the search results for relevant keywords.
  5. Improves website ranking: Web pages with Schema markup rank almost four places higher compared to web pages without Schema markup. In addition, websites related to movies, offers or deals and TV series are more likely to implement Schema markup.
Does schema Markups improve SERP ranking?2019-01-07T11:57:27+00:00

Using Schema is likely to get you more clicks even if your website isn’t at the top of search results.  As an example, your competitor might have Google’s top spot, but if you are at number three, Schema-enhanced rich snippets will draw more eyeballs and might lead to a higher click through rate.

Every business can benefit from Implementing Schema markup. Whether you are a local company looking to solidify your online reputation or an international business hoping to distinguish your products and services, Schema markup may work.

What is a knowledge graph?2019-01-14T16:10:51+00:00

Google’s Knowledge Graph can be a knowledgebase used to enhance its search engine results during semantics.

You Can now use tools such as Luminate.ai to Create an knowledge graph within your website.  That knowledge graph makes potential for the site to become some of the Semantic Web revolution.

A knowledge graph is formed through nodes and borders, in which the nodes are things in the actual life and border the connections among them.

After the knowledge graph takes shape, the amount of information in addition to your own internet website that makes it become part of a better, rich web, a Semantic Web.

What is Schema?2019-01-07T13:09:27+00:00

Schema is a term that websites uses so it’s easier and consistent to create code to mark up their web pages so that they can be crawled better by search engines. For example, the company’s location, phone number, email address and products is what can be marked up so search engines can understand the meaning behind the content. Schema allows you to add value to your content from your website so search engines can understand the purpose of the content, how to crawl and index it but also how to characterize the most value to the content.

Schema markup is a method to ‘describe’ your content to search engines in a way they can understand it.

How does Luminate AI improve speed of building the structured tags with schema tags?2019-01-15T14:21:59+00:00

This can be answered by comparing it with Yoast SEO,

In Yoast SEO, the number of structured tags can be added is limited which is around 15-20 tags and it is done manually, therefore it takes up to 20-30mins.

In Luminate AI adding structured tags and entity gathering done automatically and it is done below 5 seconds up to 8 different properties, therefore it saves time and also makes the enriched content.

With Luminate AI we can add structured data with no limits, which helps in making the content rich with information.

Benefits of Luminate AI2019-01-15T14:19:35+00:00

Luminate.ai helps in creating schema tags and structured data for the website. It very useful for Search Engine Optimization.

Structured Data helps in improving website presence in Google SERP with the help of Rich Snippets and thus leading to a better CTR and more visitors to the website.

Luminate.ai creates a Knowledge Graph which gives users a better view and major information and improves the visibility in the result page.

It is great for Local SEO. With structured data, you can give search engines more information about your local business including address and contact information.

How does Luminate AI create tags automatically?2019-01-30T10:56:34+00:00

Luminate AI uses highly efficient AI technique to analyze the content of the page and determine the highlight keywords, that generates schema related content.

After identifying the keywords, we contact multiple data sources to fetch rich information, to provide an enriching schema for your website.